Joyce Funeral Home offers a full compliment of unique and personalized merchandise to meet your specific needs.

We produce the guest book, cards, family albums, video, online website, permanent collage and thank you notes that you've seen when visiting our home. We ask that you provide us with a few photos and a few memories to help us make these things for you.

Burial caskets are made from wood or metal.

Cremation caskets are made out of wood.

Wood caskets, like furniture, are different because of the specie of wood used to make them. Mahogany, pine, poplar, maple, oak, cherry or pecan are used.

Metal caskets are made from bronze, copper, stainless steel or carbon steel.

Fabrics are picked to compliment the type of casket being made.

An urn is a permanent receptacle for a body after cremation. We offer a wide variety which are suited for burial, placement in a niche, scattering or placement in your home. Smaller keepsakes are available as well.

Vaults are made for caskets or urns when buried in a cemetery. No law requires them but most cemeteries require a permanent container for a casket to support the weight of the earth around it and some require them for an urn so they can locate it if a future burial is planned in the same lot.