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We can help create healing moments.
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In Our Care:
James L. LaFort James L. LaFort
of Waltham, Massachusetts - June 1, 2015
Hilde (Marnet) Ricciato Hilde (Marnet) Ricciato
of Medfield, Massachusetts - May 30, 2015
George N. Kotsifas George N. Kotsifas
of Waltham, Massachusetts - May 28, 2015
Richard M. Fennelly, Jr. Richard M. Fennelly, Jr.
of Framingham, Massachusetts - May 27, 2015
Dora Rita O'Halloran Dora Rita O'Halloran
of Weston, Massachusetts - no services
Memorial Day Memorial Day
of Waltham, Massachusetts - no services
Joan D. Burke Joan D. Burke
of Waltham, Massachusetts - May 22, 2015
Clifford R. Gardner Clifford R. Gardner
of Waltham, Massachusetts - May 22, 2015
Leo F. LaBrache Leo F. LaBrache
of Watertown, Massachusetts - May 22, 2015
Joanne (Muller) Melanson Joanne (Muller) Melanson
of Waltham, Massachusetts - May 20, 2015