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We can help create healing moments.
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In Our Care:
Veronica T. Kramer Veronica T. Kramer
of Waltham, Massachusetts - February 11, 2016
Edward A. Latorre Edward A. Latorre
of Wayland, Massachusetts - February 6, 2016
Barbara  B. Penfield Barbara B. Penfield
of Weston, Massachusetts - February 6, 2016
Peter F. Sauer Peter F. Sauer
of Waltham, Massachusetts - February 6, 2016
Stephen R. Thomas Stephen R. Thomas
of Waltham, Massachusetts - February 6, 2016
Gerald A. Galligan Gerald A. Galligan
of Dudley, Massachusetts - February 4, 2016
Armando A. Iodice Armando A. Iodice
of Waltham, Massachusetts - no services
Kenneth  G.  Peterson Kenneth G. Peterson
of Waltham, Massachusetts - January 30, 2016
Wilfred J. Aucoin Wilfred J. Aucoin
of Marlborough, Massachusetts - January 29, 2016
Francis  J. 'Frank' Bottari Francis J. 'Frank' Bottari
of Waltham, Massachusetts - January 28, 2016